2022 PaperVision® Forms Magic Price Change Notification

Learn about the price reduction for PaperVision Forms Magic in celebration of Digitech Systems' 25th anniversary.

2022 PaperVision<sup>®</sup> Forms Magic Price Change Notificationmain image

A gallon of gas…your electric bill…a flight…even your weekly grocery total. In an era when it seems that everything costs more, Digitech Systems is bucking the trend. In celebration of our 25th company anniversary, we’re reducing the price of our industry-changing, artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled forms processing, the PaperVision Forms Magic Technology, by 25%! Now, you can eliminate manual document sorting and hand-key indexing for more of your customers than ever before.

Effective today, all new Forms Magic licenses[1] will be 25% less expensive! Perhaps you’ve been putting off this important part of automating your scanning bureau to boost your own profitability. Maybe you have customers you know would benefit, but you’ve hesitated to pitch them the rewards they will see from automating data entry. Now is the time! No matter how many pages you process or how many fields you include in your PaperVision Forms Magic project, starting today, you’ll pay 25% less.

Don’t wait to get your hands on this innovative product that leverages three of our own patented AI algorithms to offer higher accuracy ratings than other forms processing options and continues to win the praises of both analysts and industry-insiders. With these lower prices, your customers will see even higher return on their information management and automation projects when they bundle the benefits of Forms Magic with any of our other technologies to create a complete information automation solution.

If you haven’t sold Forms Magic before, reach out to our sales team to better understand its market potential, and then visit MyDSI to discover dozens of marketing tips and tools to help you hit the ground running. Businesses are focusing technology spend on automation, and as a Digitech Systems’ distribution partner, you’ve got just what they need!

As always, we appreciate your valuable partnership with us. We continue to work hard every day to earn your business and to provide you with great products and services to keep us both at the cutting edge of our exciting industry. If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact our Digitech Systems sales team.

[1] PaperVision Capture Classification and Extraction licenses