Finish the Year Strong with Special Deals and Other Sales Support

We’re here to support your fourth quarter sales efforts with special promotions, training opportunities and free sales and marketing help. Read this article for all the details.

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Finish the Year Strong with Special Deals and Other Sales Support

Planning a final sales push to end the year on a high note and build momentum going into 2024? The time to start is now, before the holiday rush and year-end celebrations, according to selling experts. “To set your team up for a strong finish, you need to put a plan in action now — not in late November,” sales consultant and author Julie Thomas says in this Forbes article, “Three keys to hitting your sales number in the fourth quarter – and the first.”

We understand the fourth quarter brings its own set of challenges and we’re here to support you with special promotions, training opportunities and free sales and marketing help. Take advantage of this support to close more deals and set yourself apart from your competition. Here’s a summary:

Reward Your Sales Team and/or Your Best Customers by Earning Free iPad Pros

Looking for a great holiday-time incentive you can offer your salespeople or customers to get more deals closed by year’s end? Check out our On-The-Go-2023 Giveaway for all the details. There’s no limit on how many iPads your company can earn, so you can reward everyone for extra effort!

Connect with Holiday-stressed Prospects by Using Impactful Messaging

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, your customers are already starting to feel the holiday crunch. Workloads are getting heavier. Employees are finalizing their time-off requests. Travel planning is picking up. Now is a great time to reach out to them about how information management services can make the coming months a whole lot easier—and their holidays a whole lot more enjoyable.

Maybe no one feels the holiday pressure more than small- and medium-sized retailers. When talking with them, stress how information management systems also help with customer privacy, supply chains and inventory efficiency. Check out our article, “Content services are a holiday stress buster,” to gain a greater understanding of the many ways information management tools help stores come holiday time.

For non-retailers, consider seasonal messaging focused on effective and secure remote work. Show them how everyone from the boss to frontline workers benefits from secure anytime access to business records and workflows while away from the physical office. Share with them our whitepaper, “Simplify Remote Work with the Right Technology Stack,” to show them why capture, cloud-based document management and process automation are critical technologies needed for effective telework.

Save on new Dealer Access License

Don’t miss a great opportunity to sign up more PaperVision®.com users with special pricing on our new Dealer Access License that simplifies the process of accessing a setup for dealers. You no longer need to occupy a user’s access while providing services. Click here to get the details of our A Perfect Time for PaperVision! promotion.

Close Deals Easier with Free Case Studies Highlighting Your Real-world Success Stories

Case studies and testimonials are one of the most effective selling tools. Have you contacted us to schedule your free case study on a customer success story you would like to feature in your sales presentations and marketing? It’s not too late to get your free case studies completed and published for use this year. We’ll conduct the interviews and handle the writing and video production. To get started or for more information on our free case studies services, contact:

Joe Viola
Marketing and Sales Administrator
Digitech Systems
Toll-Free: 866.374.3569

Provide Expert Support and Services with Free Training on Latest Advances

Looking for ways to upsell existing clients or connect with more prospects? In case you missed them, check out the replays of recent Digitech Systems University webinars on advances in our document upload technology. Our experts walk you through the capabilities and how to make money with PaperFlow Direct and PaperVision® Folder Monitor.

We’re here to help you finish the year strong, so don’t forget to reach out to your salesperson for personal help and advice. Take advantage of our special promotions, training opportunities and free sales and marketing help to find sales success through the holiday season and the start of the new year. Deliver your best fourth quarter ever.

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