Grow your business by publicizing your customer success stories for free

Are you taking advantage of our free service to produce written and video case studies for you to use in your marketing. Get the details and learn why case studies are so valuable to selling success.

Grow your business by publicizing your customer success stories for freemain image

Grow your business by publicizing your customer success stories for free.

Why are case studies so effective in helping you close more deals? As explained by Christophe Morin and Patrick Renvoise in The Persuasion Code, consumers want proof of success and “customer testimonials or customer stories represent the best type of proof.” Research shows case studies and testimonials are better at grabbing attention than options such as product demonstrations and general statistics. Fact-based and void of speculation, they garner a high level of trust. “The right customers stories … are social proofs that have a strong persuading effect on the primal brain of your audience,” the authors note.

We encourage you to take advantage of our free service to produce written and video case studies that you can use in your marketing. For written case studies, we’ve introduced a new layout design we think you will find effective.

Our no-cost case study service is part of the extra benefits you receive as a Value-Added Reseller with Digitech Systems. Perhaps you’ve been scared away from producing your own customer stories because of the work involved in interviewing, drafting, and reviewing content with your customer. We also know that many of you don’t have dedicated marketing personnel, let alone a copywriter to put a story together. We’re happy to help. We can prepare separate case studies that highlight the success of a customer (end-user case study) as well as your business (reseller story).

Some recent examples:

  • Customers who want to digitize, secure and gain anytime access to large-format documents are finding the process simple and cost-effective at a Florida information management services provider thrilled with the increased business. Read more.
  • One of the nation’s oldest office equipment dealers added a welcome source of recurring revenue by offering PaperVision® products as part of its expansion into digital information management services. Read more.
  • A New York-based provider of information management services averted a major business disruption for itself and its customers by turning to artificial intelligence-aided forms processing automation. Read more.

To use our free case study service or for more information contact:
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A powerful tool for reaching more customers and closing more deals

How effective are case studies at grabbing customers’ attention? We’ve reviewed the performance of all the downloads available on our website and case studies made up about 50 percent of the documents selected! Sales Insights Lab found Marc Wayshak lists case studies as his runaway favorite among marketing tools. “There is nothing—and I mean nothing—that is more compelling to a prospect than an example of what you have actually achieved in the past. So in those case studies focus on the results you have actually created with your clients … on what you actually accomplished,” Wayshak says.
As an example, a case study we produced for a hotel chain includes an executive noting that, “We manage over 40 hotels and our goal is to make sure our daily reporting is accurate. Thanks to ImageSilo® and the Paperless Night Audit module, 90% of our reports are run automatically, eliminating human error entirely. I don’t worry about the reports having inaccuracies anymore.” In just those few comments, prospective customers receive the most trusted kind of assurance of the products’ value.
We invite you to spend a moment to identify a few of your best customers with interesting stories and then reach out to us. Again, this is a free service to you as a Value-Added Reseller. You don’t want to miss this easy and valuable way to build your library of marketing content, improve the quality of your sales interactions and close more deals.

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