Award, Platinum Rating Offer Golden Opportunity to Grow Sales

Keypoint Intelligence’s recognition of ImageSilo® with a Buyers Lab (BLI) 2024 Pick Award and Platinum rating gives you a valuable opportunity to close more deals in the crowded information management technology market. Get tips on how to leverage these honors for your benefit.

Award, Platinum Rating Offer Golden Opportunity to Grow Salesmain image

Award, Platinum Rating Offer Golden Opportunity to Grow Sales

Looking for an edge to win more deals in the crowded information management technology market? Point your customers to the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2024 Pick Award as Outstanding Cloud Information Management System and Platinum rating recently given ImageSilo® from Keypoint Intelligence, one of the world’s leading independent research and testing firms of technology products.

Make sure to share with customers a copy of Keypoint Intelligence’s accompanying Buyers Lab review on ImageSilo. The 19-page report provides a detailed, easy-to-understand look at ImageSilo’s industry leading capabilities. As the analysts summarize, “ImageSilo offers a core set of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) tools complemented by add-on technologies including workflow, e-forms, COLD/ERM processing and even a scanning utility, making it one of the most full-featured cloud-based ECM solutions on the market.”

Pick Award

Add links to the report and use the images of the Pick Award and Platinum Tested Solution graphics in emails, blog posts, social media posts and your website. In the competitive world of technology sales, every advantage counts and product awards can significantly boost a product’s marketability.

ImageSilo’s latest Platinum rating follows its 2019 Platinum rating by Keypoint Intelligence. Keep reading to learn more about Keypoint Intelligence and how ImageSilo’s Platinum rating and Pick Award can help drive sales.

Platinum Tested Solution

Who is Keypoint Intelligence?

Keypoint Intelligence has been the world’s leading independent product evaluator specializing in the information management and imaging industries for more than 50 years. The company looks at hundreds of products, assessing each product in key areas. The company’s Buyers Lab Pick awards are reserved for those products that have undergone the company’s rigorous testing process and are deemed to be “best in class” by its experienced analysts and techs. Keypoint Intelligence analysts and lab technicians performed a thorough evaluation by testing ImageSilo’s capabilities, reliability, and support and by assessing its strengths against competitive technologies.

The company’s product reviews are conducted and written by highly skilled analysts whose reliable, fact-based testaments provide thorough examinations that help build awareness of trends in the industry and distinguish solutions that best fit relevant business needs.

Why Does ImageSilo Continue to Rate Highly with Keypoint Intelligence Analysts?

Digitech Systems’ developers continue to optimize ImageSilo’s capabilities, holding the attention of Keypoint Intelligence analysts. Recent years’ additions include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Folder Monitor, Solution Profiles pre-configured workflow setups and PaperFlow™ Direct scanning and digitization.

ImageSilo logo

Keypoint Intelligence regards ImageSilo as one of the most versatile, full-featured cloud-based information management systems on the market. ImageSilo integration with PaperVision® Capture and popular desktop and line-of-business applications further speaks to its effortless setup and ease-of-use for any enterprise department looking to streamline its information management.

Check out the following ImageSilo benefits that Keypoint Intelligence analysts recognize in the report:

  • Low barrier of entry
  • Easy setup, infinitely scalable
  • More productive employees
  • Designed with remote work in mind
  • Increased security and compliance
  • Enhanced business processes

“The system is flexible enough to pull duty for very small offices and hefty enough to scale all the way up to large enterprises, so organizations looking to streamline document processes while also enhancing document security and compliance should seriously consider ImageSilo,” the researchers note in their report.

Share This Achievement to Close More Deals

We’re extremely proud to see ImageSilo ranked as a best-in-class cloud information management solution that helps organizations reach their business goals. For you as a Value-Added Reseller, this is one award you shouldn’t let collect dust on a shelf. Ways you can use the award and Platinum review:

  • Email copies of the award and product review to current and prospective customers.
  • Leave behind a copy of the product review after a product demo to remind customers about ImageSilo’s competitive benefits.
  • Announce the award and product review (with a link to the actual report) on your blog.
  • Include images of the award and Platinum rating in your advertising.
  • Announce the award on your social media sites. An example: “We’re proud to offer ImageSilo®, selected by Keypoint Intelligence for a Buyers Lab (BLI) 2024 Pick Award as Outstanding Cloud Information Management System. Reach out to learn how the cost-effective ImageSilo can benefit you.”

Showcasing this esteemed award and the third-party assessment of ImageSilo’s proficiencies will help convince any prospect about the value of ImageSilo.

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