The Big Four: Offer What Customers Value Most

Digitech Systems' Big Four were developed with your customers—and your sales efforts—in mind. Learn about these founding design principles and how they remain a formula for success.

The Big Four: Offer What Customers Value Mostmain image

The Big Four: Offer What Customers Value Most

Looking to set yourself apart from your competitors? Make sure you’re visiting with your customers about Digitech Systems’ Big Four, a set of founding principles that have guided our mission since the company started more than 26 years ago. How many technology companies do you know that uphold each and every one of these standards? How many tech companies do you know that are still around after 26+ years?

Accordingly, we think it’s valuable to highlight the Big Four from time to time. These guiding principles were developed with your customers—and your sales efforts—in mind. If you’re a longtime reseller, you know them well. If you’re a newer reseller, you may not be able to recite them word-for-word but you know their positive impacts from you and your customers’ success.

The answer when customers ask: “How are you different?”

Here are the Big Four and the original description of how they benefit customers. Cite them during your sales visits, including when the inevitable question comes up: “What sets you and your products apart from your competitors?” Use them in your marketing. (Differentiating your products and services from your competition is one of the most powerful ways to connect with customers and win their business. As noted by neuromarketing experts Christophe Morin and Patrick Renvoise in The Persuasion Code, “If you are not selling something unique, you are selling as much for your competitors as you are selling for yourself.”)

The Big Four:

1. Ease-of-Use: We turn the complexity of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) into a friendly user interface, so when you sit down with our products, you won’t have a gigantic learning curve.

2. Architectural Flexibility: Integrate easily with virtually any line-of-business (LOB) application and scale to accommodate any amount of data and any number of users.

3. Feature Functionality: Solve any problem and achieve any goal; our entire product suite is at your fingertips and can be customized to your unique situation.

4. Price/Performance: We are passionate about what we do, and we believe you should receive quality, high-performing products and services at fair prices.

You’ll find articles, infographics and other materials about the Big Four on MyDSI. You’ll also find the Big Four featured in the About Us section of They’re accompanied by a video message from Digitech Systems CEO HK Bain. “Every product we have starts with (the Big Four) in mind” with the goal of “giving you a very robust product at a more than fair price,” HK notes in the video. Get more of HK’s comments by watching the video, “What are the Big Four?”

A simple, winning formula for you and your customers

Keep the Big Four in mind during every sale. Every product and service that you offer started with these principles They’re part of why Digitech Systems solutions come with features that other competitors can’t match. The Big Four helps you 1) close deals faster in the short term and 2) grow your business in the long term.

The comprehensive scope of the Big Four brings you the advantage of teaming with a single trusted industry pioneer and avoiding the challenges that come from working with multiple vendors. Our development team is guided by the same principles and focused on creating features that are customer-centric to meet your clients’ specific needs. This extends to our new innovations in microservices and microtransactions-based billing, including the industry’s lowest-priced robotic process automation (RPA) with no upfront licensing fee and costing only pennies per hour.

Combined with our legendary technical support (check out our latest success rates below), the Big Four represent Digitech Systems’ commitment to deliver the help and the product and services you need to succeed. With these competitive advantages, 1) offer cost-effective, customer-centric solutions and 2) close more sales faster. The Big Four: a small list with an outsized impact.

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