Our Experts Show The Way With Quarterly Tech Tips

Our technical experts love helping you and your customers get the most out of our products and services. In case you missed any or want a quick reference guide, here’s a listing of the many Tech Tip articles available on MyDSI.

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Our Experts Show The Way With Quarterly Tech Tips

What is your favorite Tech Tip from our quarterly Digitech Connect articles? Over the years, the variety of tips, tricks and how-to guides from our legendary technical support team members is impressive—so impressive we thought we would provide a roundup of the articles in case you missed any of them.

The articles have stayed true to their original purpose of offering another avenue of support for our Value-added Resellers and end users, according to Nathan Schwenke, our Vice President of Customer Support.

“Some of the tech tips we provide are pretty in depth which, in some cases, could be difficult to explain over the phone. So, laying it all out in an article that clearly shows the solution or tip is just another way to offer additional customer service to our clients,” Nathan says.

Team members’ own favorites most commonly involve writing about new products and features, Nathan says. “It’s exciting when we launch new features and products and even more exciting when we create content that teaches or shows our customers how to utilize or implement a new feature,” he says.

In addition to the list of Tech Tips included with this article, you’ll find the complete collection in the Technical Training/Technical Support page of MyDSI. Look for them by clicking on “Digitech Connect/Tech Tips” in the Tech Tips: Get Tips and Tricks section. As noted on the website, the Tech Tips are designed for you to “get the most out of products and services for your customers with the help of our technical experts.” You can also use the MyDSI search bar to search for Tech Tips by keywords.

Technical Support on MyDSI Goes Beyond Tech Tips

You’ll find other kinds of technical support in the Technical Training/Technical Support section:

  • How-to videos
  • Training lectures
  • Knowledge Base online library of product information
  • Q&A Forum
  • Professional Services

As with the Tech Tips, the additional training materials are designed to help you gain valuable product knowledge and simplify setups/implementations by having our sales and technical experts guide your efforts. That way you can focus more of your time on growing your sales.

Send Your Tech Tip Suggestions

Have a suggestion for a Tech Tip? Please send suggestions to support@digitechsystems.com. Meanwhile, stay on the lookout for new topics. The feature is well-received by readers and a welcome challenge among tech team members, Nathan notes. “It’s nice to see that our customers enjoy reviewing them. At the same time, it allows our team the opportunity to show what they are able to produce from a technical standpoint.”

Here is a list (with online links where available) of recent years’ Tech Tip articles on MyDSI:

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How To Set Up SAML For Your Customers?

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Simplify Index Creation Using File Names with PaperVision® Folder Monitor

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How To Customize Export Types to Fit Your Needs

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Learn About the .MVX Files Created by Forms Magic

How Can You Help with Automation Goals?

Automation Scheduling in PaperFlow

Configure PaperVision® Folder Monitor

Solution Profiles Make Setup a Snap

Looking for an Easier Way to Index Large Batches

Stop Doing Math By Hand and Start Using AP Business Rules to Automatically Verify Totals for Your Customers

Batch Tracing Added to PaperFlow R80

Do You Need to Extract More Data?

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